Chart Buzz: Client Requests 500 of 700 (N-S)

At Epic Entertainment we offer our clients their own web page to choose music online.  We look at our clients Spotify play lists, written requests and guest requests. Since 2007 we have used DJ Intelligence, that has a list of the top 200 requests for mixed crowds.  In this series we have the top 200 songs from DJ Intelligence, incorporated with Billboards top songs, itunes top songs and over 500 clients song lists that have been submitted to us.  Our music is sourced from Promo Only, Full Tilt Remix and Itunes Music Store.  Continuing our list of the top 700 songs….this list has oldies and songs from every decade, including genres of EDM, Mowtown, Pop, Indie, Rock n Roll, Country and much more.  Most events have a mixed crowd and like a wide variety of songs to be played.  

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