Epic Planning System

At Epic we give all of our clients their own web page to input information for their event.  With the online system, we have a planner, time line and music tab.  Under the music tab there are charts for each decade and charts for weddings.  DJ Todd also gives every client a detailed written planner.  He then reviews  the online planner and written planner with you.  Once Todd has all of your information he types out a DJ script.  We work with all planners and coordinators and sync our script with them.

The Planning Form

This form is used for the most important parts of the wedding or event. Each form is broken down for each event. This a wedding planner form and is used for song, order of toasts and bridal party intro information. It also has a general information section and a note section to give specific instructions. Details are key to making a smooth flowing event.

Most Requested Tab

The most requested tab has a drop down list of charts for each decade, whats trending and wedding charts. Remember that most events are a mixed crowd with ages ranging from 20-70. This is why you will see songs from the 70s and 80s in the top 20. As DJs we only get a hot song once a year. For instance, Uptown Funk has been the top requested song for the past 2 years. The most requested tab is very accurate as over 10,000 DJs are on this system and over 1 million clients have input in the system.

The Drop Down List and Charts

Under the most requested tab is a drop down chart. You will see each decades top 100 songs and a wedding list with songs for cake cutting, bouquet toss, first dance, ceremony and much more

We are here to assist your coordinator

Let it be known that a coordinator is key to any event.  Some coordinators feel that we are trying to take their job.    At Epic we are team players and want to ensure a smooth flow to your day.  We are only part of your planning process.   Your coordinator has many functions that they  must do to ensure an Epic event. We simply want to assist with the important music selections, proper announcements, (Grand Entrance, Toasts), guest interaction and proper placement of our gear.  In the end we all want you and your guests to have an experience that will be remembered.

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