The Key to any wedding reception is the DJ/MC’s opening and the grand entrance. These two key elements set the tone for the reception. Here is quick video showing a few our couples during their Grand Entrance.

You will notice that everyone is smiling and happy. Some couples come in with a special dance, others sing and involve their bridal party. Their is know set way to have your grand entrance.

A skilled MC will open with information about the venue, the couple and preview a few of the events that will be happening during the reception.

Here a few ideas for your Grand Entrance.

1. Pick a song for each couple in your bridal party and have your DJ make a special clip. (Remember, you have a live event. If the DJ tries to cue all of the songs while performing live, he or she can make an error and throw the timing of the grand entrance off). I always recommend doing pre-production for important mixes.

2. Introduction of your parents prior to your Grand Entrance. In most cases you will not introduce your parents during the grand entrance with your bridal party. This is a nice touch and the parents usually appreciate being acknowledged.

3. Bridal Party Rush is a recent concept that a coordinator introduced to me. Instead of the usual introduction of the bridal couples, you do a mass intro of each persons name as the whole bridal party enters. They are then ready to greet the bride and groom as they enter.

4. Video introductions are very elaborate and great… (if there is space and budget for the production) Your DJ gets a video clip from each couple or person they will be introducing. Then the DJ plays the clip prior to the entrance, usually with a custom song.

5. Custom Introductions are always fun and personal. The DJ/MC will have a script for each person they are introducing. The bride and groom usually provide this information. This can be done with the DJ’s personality or sportscaster style.

6. The Bride & Groom introduces the bridal party We use our wireless microphones and have the bride and groom introduce their bridal party with custom intros. We then play the song for that individual or couple. After the bride and groom finish the introductions, we introduce them. This is fun for the couple as they are not seen during their introductions of the bridal party.

These are just a few ideas for your Grand Entrance. Remember that this is your wedding and there is not a set way for your entrance. Some couples do not want a big introduction.

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