Choose your Epic experience

We offer 4 different photo booth experiences.   The Classic Epic Max with a 21 inch screen, custom templates, backdrops, props and unlimited prints.

The Itouch Video Booth, comes with a backdrop video fx templates, boomerangs, picture templates and 37 inch Viewing screen for logos, slide shows and videos.  This booth offers text to phone, email, QR code and airdrop.  You can also add a printing option for pictures and gifs.

The Itouch Selfie Station is our roaming photo booth, that can be moved anywhere in the venue. This booth comes with picture templates, video fx templates, boomerangs and can do text to phone, airdrop and email.

The 360 Epic Elevation is our overhead 360 booth that can fit up to 12 people or objects like a car.  This booth comes with custom Video FX templates and offers a sharing station for guests to send to their phones or email.

Epic 360 Elevation

Our overhead 360 Booth

Video & Selfie Booth

Itouch Booths

Epic Max Booth

Our Premium DSLR Booth
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