Advice for your wedding reception

ATTENTION, is the key word I like to use when explaining the big 3.   To start off your reception your MC will usually greet your guests and welcome them to your venue and wedding.  Then your MC will introduce your wedding party and you the new Mr. and Mrs.   This is the only time during your reception that you will have all of your guests complete attention.  After your Grand Entrance I suggest going into your first dance for the following reasons: 1. You  have complete attention from your guests  2. Your photographer is already in place  3. This separates your dance from your formal parent dances 4.  Now you have been introduced and had your first dance…. so you can relax.                                                                                                                        After your first dance, your guests will still be seated and paying attention.  That is why I recommend doing your toasts prior to dinner.  Once dinner starts, guests will go to the bar, restroom, smoke and start moving around the venue.  The flow of your reception is interrupted when we have to ask everyone to find their seats again.


The Grand Entrance & First Dance

The Grand Entrance sets the tone for your reception.  It is good to have high energy to start off your reception.  Here are a few ideas:                                                                                                                                                                                                                     1. We provide you with a wireless microphone and you introduce your bridal party. You will be outside of the venue room, so your guests will not see you announcing. We can also provide a song clip for each couple you introduce.

2. You can have your Emcee introduce each couple with a sound clip

3. If you are doing a video package we can have a video of each couple or person in your bridal party on the screen

4. We can play one song for your bridal party and one song for you

** Customized Grand Entrances will make your wedding reception unique

FIRST DANCE: You can do your first dance after your Grand Entrance or after dinner. We suggest doing your dance after your Grand Entrance. It is the only time at your wedding that guests will be seated and at full attention.

We can create a customized first dance song clip for you. Some couples like to start with a slow song and then have a mix with a fast song . If you book a video package we can also have a slide show running. We can record you with a special mix for your song.


We try to have a quick microphone training prior to toasts.  Most people giving toasts are nervous and have not had any experience public speaking.  We try to have all guests giving toasts to have the microphone around the chin area.        Suggested order of toasts:  1. Father of the bride 2. Father of the groom 3. Best man 4. Maid/Matron of honor                          Try to keep each toast to 5 minutes, (unless you have a video presentation or production).  

**Some venues, coordinators and caterers like to have salads served prior to toasts.


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