At Epic 1 Entertainment, we give every client their own web page to choose music online.  DJ Todd goes over each list with Epics clients.  Most Weddings, Corporate Events and Party’s have mixed crowds with Ages ranging from 25-70.  It is important to have a wide variety of music and genre’s with a mixed crowd.  It is the DJ’s responsibility  to READ the crowd and decide what song or set to get the crowd dancing.

The list we will go over

This list is all over the board so to speak.  We have newer dance songs with 80s, classic rock, country and latin music.  I would put all mid-tempo songs in the cocktail hour.  Example:  Honey I’m good,  Marry you, Cruise and Chicken Fried.  Dinner I would go with the slower songs such as:  In my life, Eagles songs, Your song, Sara smile etc.    For dancing I would kick off with the clients request of Boogie Wonderland and build from there.  There are several good dance songs in this list.  

Songs I would avoid in this list:  Work this body, We got it going on, Tightrope, Its gonna be me, I feel it coming and Birthday.  I personally like sets and building energy.  Songs that guests do not know or  B sides do not translate to dancing.  You may get 10-15 of your friends out on the floor, but the rest of the crowd will suffer and watch.

In the end, we give the client control over the songs they want to hear at their event.  All we can do is suggest and make the party happen.

DJ Todd

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