The wedding at the Fire Garden in Bonsall, Ca was a blast.  Our couple Erin and Sanjay had live music, instruments for guests, a typewriting poem maker, paintings and Epics mobile photo booth.  

About the Fire Garden

To enter The Fire Garden is to transport yourself to a place beyond the beyond. A place where benevolent fires burn at night. A place where humans have the opportunity to discover a side of themselves that normally lies hidden beneath their busy everyday lives. Exploring The Fire Garden will reignite the spark in your imagination that once believed you could fly ,that knew anything was possible. Artist and visionary Tony D’Aula is a master at crafting magical escapes into wonderment and awe that inspire a truly remarkable sensory experience that visitors remember for years to come. For every occasion Tony works  one-on-one with clients to create a unique and memorable experience. According to Tony, attention to detail is the company’s cornerstone. The Fire Garden  has won a reputation for hosting successful events that are enchanting and ethereal. The Fire Garden’s goal is for clients  to be awed by beauty and creation, and this is something Tony has achieved time and time again.

Tony grew up in Queens, N.Y. but after serving in the U.S. Navy worked his way west to settle in San Diego California. He spent is early San Diego days refining his skill as a metalworker employed at fabrication shops; eventually running the welding shop for a manufacturer of large machinery. As his artistic skills began to emerge, Tony started to create whimsical garden art from the scraps of the machines he was building. This transitioned into coffee tables, furnishings and lighted wall art pieces. Little did he know the purchase of his property would set the stage for the next phase of his career. After clearing, grading and adding his personal touch to the land,it was more than a garden, it had become a living, breathing work of art. Tony started to have small gatherings on the property, which grew into events seeing hundreds of friends arriving on weekends to enjoy in the beauty of this majestic space. This growth and development has matured into what is became known as The Fire Garden.

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