The Glam Booth Experience

What is a Glam Booth Experience? 
The Glam Booth also known as our “Black and White Booth” offers beautiful B&W photos! The photos are adorned with a custom logo or an elegant signature. Prints are 4X6 inch and can be text to phone or printed for each guest in the photo. This booth is perfect for those who want a celebrity-inspired experience!

The Glam Booth comes with a brilliant white backdrop and your choice of template. You can choose a text to phone or print option.

What is a Magazine template? New for 2024 are magazine style templates. Choose a magazine cover for your event and we will customize it with your desired text and titles.

Our Epic Touch booths offer the Glam Booth option. Getting the Kardashian-look doesn’t have to be expensive! You can add the Glam Booth to your traditional Open Air Photo Booth rental. We have numerous templates to choose from. At Epic we are all about customized experiences.

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