Find the perfect mix for your playlist

Hmmm… how to create that great dance floor mix? With music being so subjective, it is hard to find that great song list for your guests.  Usually with a mixed crowd of 150 guests or more you will find that every generation has songs they like to sing and dance to.  At Epic we try to involve guests of all ages to the dance floor.  Usually we will start with a hot song such as Uptown funk by Bruno Mars and then kick it in to older classic songs to get everyone involved.  The rule is most older guests will not dance to the younger music and the younger crowd is more forgiving and will dance to the parents classic songs.  

The picture below shows guests of all ages having a great time dancing.  As a DJ this is the best!! you have all ages up and having a great time.  

Current lists from upcoming events

As you can see from the clients choice, the music is all over the board.  We have oldies, disco, club, 80s, 90s, country and some newer songs.  This is more for a wedding or corporate style event.  With a club style event you will see more Calvin Harris, Guetta and so on.   All of the club style songs range from 120-135 BPM and have the same type of vibe.  At a wedding or corporate event you are trying to mix all of the genres above and keep all of the guests happy.

DJ Intelligence Playlists

There are over 10,000 DJs on DJ Intelligence and over 100,000 clients giving us there song selections.  Here is The Current DJ top 40 for mixed crowds.

Notice the songs in this list do not represent what is on the Itunes top 40 or Billboard.  After 3 years, Uptown funk is still the most requested song for dancing?  I put that as a question mark as it shows that we do not get that many great dance songs to play.  If you play Cardi B or Drake, you will alienate your older crowd.  At Epic we usually save the younger songs for the last set.  This list would not fly at a club or school dance.  That is why your DJ must read the crowd and pay attention to the guests vibe.

Trending on DJ Intelligence

In the trending list above we have several different genres, interactives and slow songs.  

Think of everyone

Think of everyone that is attending, if you truly want a dance party.  If all guests are having a good time, then your event is successful.  Put together a playlist that will make everyone involved.  Your talented DJ will determine when to play the songs according the guests reactions.

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