Music is subjective and why you hear the same songs at events

Music is subjective because different people have different preferences, tastes, and cultural backgrounds that shape their interpretation and enjoyment of music. People’s experiences, emotions, and personalities can also influence their subjective responses to music. For example, some people may enjoy a particular genre of music because it evokes positive memories or emotions, while others may dislike that same genre because it does not resonate with their personal tastes or cultural background.

Moreover, the subjective nature of music is also due to its artistic and creative elements. Music can be open to multiple interpretations and meanings, depending on the listener’s perspective and the context in which it is experienced. Even the same piece of music can evoke different emotions or responses in different people, depending on their personal associations and experiences.

In summary, music is subjective because it is a complex and multifaceted art form that engages with people’s emotions, memories, and cultural backgrounds, and allows for various interpretations and meanings.

At Epic 1 Entertainment, we give all of our clients custom questionnaire to choose music.  We also read the crowd to keep fun energy on the dance floor.  Guests like songs that they can sing and dance to.  The reason you hear the same songs at weddings and other events is the crowd pleasers work most of the time.  There are times when a group of guests are just not dancers.  In this case classic love songs and interactive songs work best.

Check out several song suggestions and charts.

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